Rooftop Solar: Is It Right For My Home?

Since the 1940s, Bowling Green has owned and operated the Electric Distribution and Transmission System in and around the City.  As a public power community, decisions are governed by the local Board of Public Utilities and City Council.

As a member of American Municipal Power (AMP), Bowling Green is one of 135 municipal members who have partnered together to expand our ability to provide a reliable, sustainable, and cost competitive electric system for the benefit of our customers.  This membership has allowed Bowling Green to build renewable energy projects and provide the Efficiency Smart program and the EcoSmart Choice program.

The Bowling Green community has supported these efforts for clean energy and environmental stewardship. In a typical year, every Bowling Green electric customer can expect to receive up to 40% of their electric energy from renewable resources.  As a comparison, 3% of generation in the State of Ohio came from a renewable resource in 2019 and 19% of generation in the United States came from a renewable resource in 2020.  We are committed to the community’s long-term renewable energy goals and providing affordable electricity to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

We are equipped to provide guidance regarding rooftop solar considerations.  This page serves as a starting point for Bowling Green electric customers considering whether or not rooftop solar is right for them.

Final Thoughts to Consider

  • Understand how much electricity your home uses by reviewing your monthly and annual kWh usage. The City’s Utility Insight Program is a great resource for this!
  • Consider energy efficiency upgrades to your home that may offer a quicker rate of return. The City’s Efficiency Smart Program is a great resource for this!
  • Recognize that purchasing solar panels may have a significant upfront cost and will likely require ongoing maintenance obligations.
  • Understand the condition of your roof and when you anticipate the need to replace it. Is your roof under warranty and if so, will the installation of solar panels affect the warranty?
  • For best results, solar panels should be oriented toward the south and free from obstructions. Does your roof allow for this orientation? Is your roof shaded by nearby structures or trees?
  • Review additional considerations in the Consumer’s Guide to Rooftop Solar (PDF)
  • Research solar installers via the Better Business Bureau.

If you have further questions, contact the Utilities Directors office at 419-354-6246 or via email.

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