Information on Complaints Against a BGPD Officer


The Police officer in every community is an unmistakable symbol, not only of the law but of the entire community. Because of this, he/she is the obvious target for grievances against any shortcomings of our governmental system. The police officer can work toward solving the complex problems of a community only when working in concert with the entire community. Police officers can and must, however, recognize their responsibility to serve all the public to the best of their ability. Fair and impartial law enforcement which respects the individual dignity and rights of all men and women is essential and must be accomplished with tact and diplomacy, whenever possible.

As Police Officers, we must professionally and objectively investigate all citizen complaints as expeditiously and thoroughly as possible. This enables us to arrive at all the facts which will either quickly substantiate the complaint or clear the officer's name, whichever is appropriate. The Bowling Green Police Division, by providing some common questions and answers, will address some of your concerns about your complaint.


Our goal is that you will never need to use the information contained in this brochure. We don't want to fail in our continuing efforts to give you the best possible police service. If you have any additional questions, contact the on-duty supervisor at 419-352-1131. 

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