Veterans Memorial Building Rental

The Veterans Memorial Building is located at the entrance to City Park in beautiful Bowling Green, OH.  Opening in mid-2020, it's the City's newest building and is available for wedding receptions, baby showers, meetings, business conferences, and all other special occasions or events. 

Available Spaces:


The Veterans Memorial Building features a beautiful Atrium that can seat up to 250 people, with a stage, an outdoor patio area, and a catering kitchen.  A sound system and acoustic panels have been added to the area.  A large projection screen is available and an AV System is available for an additional usage fee of $100.

Meeting Rooms

Also located in the Veterans Memorial Building, are two Meeting Rooms that seat up to 60 people, both with small kitchenettes and big screens.  Both meeting spaces may be reserved, and the partition removed, creating a larger meeting space.  

Rental Rates:

Set up and tear down of tables and chairs is included in all rental fees.  

How to Rent a Facility

Call the Parks and Recreation Office at 419-354-6223 to check for date availability and to have a facility placed on a tentative hold. Ensure you review the Rental Policies (PDF).

We can tentatively hold a specific rental date, time and facility for seven days without a payment and paperwork. After the seven days has expired without payment, the facility will be released from tentative hold. The Facility Rental Agreement must also be filled out and returned within that seven day time period.

Visit the Facility Rentals page for additional guidance.  

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